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President's Message

Dear SQEBC members,

After a great year ruled by the rhythm of waves and cycles of confinements, the universities are now ready to reopen their doors, despite a Delta variant that is setting in. It pleases me to be able to discuss with my colleagues and to see the students again in the flesh, even if the rules proposed by the universities sometimes seem to be constructed according to a surprising logic.

In a similar spirit of openness, we decided to go ahead with an SQEBC2021 conference at the University of Sherbrooke. After the virtual edition of SQEBC2020, organized relentlessly by a terrific team and several volunteers in several universities, we are innovating again this year with a hybrid conference formula which - we hope - will satisfy everyone. Fanie, Audrey and their team from Sherbrooke are preparing a superb conference for us during which we will be able to exchange knowledge on behaviour and ecology, while limiting as much as possible the risks of exchanging aerosols!

The theme, more topical than ever, will revolve around issues of conservation and society. It will bring together as guests Alain Branchaud, Director of the Society for Nature and Parks of Canada, Catherine Turgeon, professor at UQO, and Ryan Norris professor at the University of Guelph. There is no doubt that we will have plenty to discuss: climate change, invasive species, overexploitation, pollution, urbanization and destruction of habitats ... There are jobs for ecologists, but the task is heavy and the challenges numerous!

I have also been given the task of strongly encouraging you to register, whether you come to Sherbrooke or decide to stay behind your computer screen. I also invite you to motivate your students of all cycles to participate in this great event.

Denis Réale

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